Make a Cat Toy

Requires a stick, tying knots and using sharp scissors

String Toy:


  • Old pants (or anything you can make a long string out of)

  • Any kind of strong stick

  • Sharp scissors

Cut the pants along the side all the way to the top.

1-2 inches away from the first cut, cut all the way to the top, making a long string.

Cut the string off the top of the pants.

The finished string should look like this.

Lay the stick over the stick.

Tie a knot around the string. Done!

Catnip Pouch:

You need a square of fabric and a string of fabric.

I use T-shirt scraps but you can use anything.

Put a small amount of stuffing and catnip in the middle.

Fold up the corners and sides and scrunch together.

Lastly, tie the string tightly around the cat toy, right above the stuffing and catnip.