Make a Dog Toy

Requires tying knots, braiding, and using sharp scissors

Check out my video here!


  • Two T-Shirts of any color

  • One tennis ball

  • One pair of sharp scissors

Cut the T-Shirt below the armpits all the way across and on both layers of the shirt. Do this for both shirts. Save the top halves of the shirts for later.

After both shirts are cut they should look like this.

Cut the shirt down the middle on ONE layer only. Do this for both shirts

The shirts should look like a long rectangle after it is cut.

Cross the T-Shirts to make a + shape.

Place the tennis ball in the middle.

This is the hardest step to follow! Reach under both T-Shirts and grab the tennis ball. Holding the tennis ball, flip the shirts over to make ghost-like shape.

Now, back to the top of the shirt, cut the collar off one of the T-Shirt tops.

Tie the collar of the shirt right below the tennis ball. Make sure the knot is secure (double knots work best). Cut off the extra fabric from the collar.

Spread out the four sections.

Cut each section into three pieces.

Once all section are cut it should look like this.

Start braiding! Feel free to mismatch the colors!

Stop the braid with a couple inches left. To tie the end of the braid use two pieces and one piece and tie them like a normal knot.

The finished knot should look like this. Cut off the extra fabric on the knot.