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Dog Toy:

Step 1: (Cut 2) 1 inch pieces for ties off the 12” side

Step 2: Then fold fabric in half (10”sides) cut 1 inch by 3inch frays (approximately)

Step 3: Open the fabric and place the water bottle in the center top

Step 4: Roll from one side to another TIGHTLY

Step 5: Take the 1 inch ties and place underneath rolled fabric

Step 6: Double knot both ties

Step 7: Give it to your furry pup! For hours of fun!! When the water bottle is squished recycle and replace in the pouch.

Video Instructions:

Bird Toy:

Step 1: Shred paper, cardboard, “junk” mail in one inch strips. You can loop newspaper and make a hole or do it while assembling (waiting was easier for us).

Step 2: Prepare egg carton by cutting each individual cup then put a hold in the center with a nail (or with something sharp).

Step 3: Put holes in the center of bottle caps with hammer and nails. *May want to use a board to not damage the surface you’re hammering nail on.

Step 4: Cut toilet paper tubes into approximately 1/2 inch strips

Step 5: Interlock toilet paper roll strips to make a ball. Then tie twine through the ball to secure the lives together.

Step 6: Make the “kabob”… cut a 18 inch piece of twine and tie a knot on the bottom. Then randomly place pieces on the string. (You may want to add tape to the end you are treading through this will make it easier to thread.)

Step 7: Ready to give to your Feathered Friend

Video Instructions: