What To Do With The Scraps

Check out my snuffle mat video here!

Snuffle Mat:

Requires fabric scraps, a sink mat, and sharp scissors


  • T-shirt or scrap fabric

  • Sink mat similar to the one in the picture. It can be any size.

Cut off the sleeves

Cut the sleeves along the sides

Cut the sleeve into strips

Cut the strips into 3-4 inch pieces

Take the remaining piece of the T-shirt

Cut the T-shirt and collar of the T-shirt into strips

Cut the strips into 3-4 inch pieces

Add more scraps and colors

Start tying the pieces around the sink mat

It should look like this on the bottom


Hide treats for your dog, cat, or any other pet to find!

Cat or Small Dog Sweater:

Requires a long sleeve shirt or sweater and sharp scissors

  • If the sweater does not fit or your pet does not want to wear the sweater DO NOT force it on them, keep your pet safe and happy!


  • Long sleeve sweater or shirt

(I am using the top half of a sweater)

Measure how long it needs to be (about 3/4 of your pet's body) and cut the end of the sleeve off.

Cut leg holes. They are usually need to be much bigger than you think so make sure it's not too tight!