Make a Rodent Toy

Requires sharp scissors, toilet paper rolls, and hay

Check out my Rodent Hay Pouch video!

Check out my Rodent Treat Toy video!

Rodent Hay Pouch:

Start with one empty toilet paper roll.

Bend down the sides like shown in this picture.

Now stuff with hay.

Fold in the sides on the other side of the toilet paper roll to enclose the hay.

Rodent Treat Toy:

*This toy can also be used for cats!

Start with one empty toilet paper roll.

Cut the toilet paper roll into approximately 1/2 inch pieces. It does not mater how many pieces there is in the end.

This usually makes more than one.

Put one piece through another.

Continue adding pieces until it is full.

Lastly, fill with treats, hay, pet food, etc.